The Youth Success Project takes on projects that align with the individual and group goals of our members. Projects are decided on through a consensus decision making process by YSP Leaders, General Members, and Directors.

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HUD'S Youth Homelessness Demonstration Project

The YHDP grant is given out by HUD each year and requires awarded communities to involve youth and young adults with lived experience in all stages of the grant process. At this time we are working closely with the Balance of State and Manchester Continuums of Care to closely plan for and execute their Youth Homelessness Demonstration Project (YHDP) grants. 

Advocating for Homeless Resources in NH 

YSP has partnered with community members and political action groups in NH to push for more resources for people experiencing homelessness. YSP Member Celene spoke in front of the Dover City Council to push for the opening of the Willand Warming Center for the duration of the winter season.



YSP Directors work with partners actively seek out opportunities for youth to build their communities, access professional and personal development supports, and step into leadership roles.

Recently our Assistant Director participated in the Granite Leaders Program and is a Board Member on the Governors Council for Housing Stability.

Homelessness among college students

Homelessness among college students is a real issue in New Hampshire and one that several of our members and alumni can speak to out of personal experience. YSP and the Balance of State Continuum of Care are beginning to look into this issue and look at how to best work with College and Universities to address this issue of privilege among students.