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The Youth Success Project takes on projects that align with the individual and group goals of our members. Projects are decided on through a consensus decision making process by YSP Leaders, General Members, and Directors.

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HUD'S Youth Homelessness Demonstration Project

The Balance of State and Manchester Continuums of Care were both awarded HUD's Youth Homelessness Demonstration Program (YHDP) grants as part of the Round 4/5 cycle. This intensive 2 year grant process requires communities to work closely with a Youth Action Board to develop a plan to end youth homelessness in their geographical area. The grant also provides funding for communities to implement new supportive services and housing programs for YYA. The YSP has been intimately involved in every stage of this process.

Youth Count

The YSP is working closely with Plymouth State University and alongside leadership from each of the three New Hampshire Continuums of Care to execute a survey to youth and young adults experiencing homelessness across the state of New Hampshire. This survey will help providers and stakeholders better understand the demographics, experiences, and unmet needs of this population. This will strengthen our statewide approach to address youth homelessness and help providers better reach and meet the needs of young people.

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YSP Directors work with partners actively seek out opportunities for youth to build their communities, access professional and personal development supports, and step into leadership roles.

Three of our members have participated in the Granite Leaders Program, our Co-Director, Kadyja Harris, is a Board Member on the Governors Council for Housing Stability, and YSP Leader Maddie Lemay is a voting member of the Balance of State Continuum of Care Executive Committee and Co-Chair of the Youth Subcommittee. 

Homelessness among college students

Homelessness among college students is a real issue in New Hampshire and one that several of our members and alumni can speak to out of personal experience. The YSP works alongside homeless services providers and institutions of higher education to host quarterly meetings where stakeholders share information about this issue, collectively problems solve, and  share resources and ideas towards the goal of ending homelessness among NewHampshire college students. 

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