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Focus Groups


Our focus groups started out rocky and ended wonderfully. We widely promoted our first focus group over social media, pushing it out to every corner of New Hampshire we possibly could. We realized that we may have been a little too successful when we were joined on our first virtual focus group by several scammers after the $50 we offered as compensation.

With some quick rebranding and redistribution of materials and links, YSP was able to successfully run an in-person focus group at MyTurn in Manchester and another virtually over Zoom. These focus group went incredibly well. We had some amazing young people attend who were very ready to share their voices, experiences, and expertise.

Below is the powerpoint we put together summarizing everything that these young people shared with us.

A huge thank you to all the partners who helped us get the word out there and recruit real young people to take part in these groups!!

We are now focusing our efforts on sharing these findings widely with the New Hampshire community. The Youth Success Project has presentations set up with each of the three NH Continuums of Care. Plymouth State University, our partner and fiscal sponsor, is helping us look into publishing some of these findings in a more formalized research paper.



As part of the YHDP planning process the Youth Success Project will be running 4 focus groups in the Manchester and Balance of State continuums of care. We are looking to use this opportunity to further build our relationships with rural New Hampshire providers and build connections with youth and young adults who's identities and experiences are not already well represented in our general membership.

Two of our focus groups will be held in-person and two will be held virtually over zoom. The in-person focus groups will be in Manchester and Claremont. The 2 virtual focus groups that will be open to youth across the state and will be hosted over zoom. We have funding to host 8 young people in each group and provide the youth attending the in-person groups with transportation help and snacks. Focus groups will be about 1.5 hours long and everyone who participates will be paid $50 for their expertise!

In Manchester, MyTurn's new youth center will be partnering with us to host the group at their location. The Oasis Teen Shelter in Claremont will be working with us to host one directed towards rural youth.


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