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The Youth Success Project is a youth-led organization focused on centering and uplifting the voices and lived experience of young people who have experienced unaccompanied homelessness (without a parent or guardian) while under the age of 25 in New Hampshire. We believe that youth have a right to be included in decision making that impacts our lives and communities, and that our systems work better when our lived experience informs the work being done.

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A New Hampshire where every young person is stably housed, is empowered to make decisions about their own lives, and is treated with dignity and respect.


The Youth Success Project works to end youth homelessness by amplifying the voices of young people and working in coalition with frontline service providers


Lived expertise: We center and amplify the voices of youth with the lived experience of homelessness.


Strong relationships: We invest in and leverage relationships with young people and adult partners to create positive community change.


Learning & Growth: We believe in the growth of youth and adult partners. Through giving and receiving honest feedback we invest in our collective growth and long-term collaboration.


Acknowledge systems of oppression: We understand homelessness as an issue of social injustice and not one of individual failing. We work to identify and center diverse experiences and perspectives in our work.

Good Work Incubator Cohort

The YSP is excited to have been selected for and participating in Good Work's 2024-25 Non Profit Incubator Cohort. This learning community provides us with access to mentorship, coaching, and shared community with other small non-profits.



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